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Review Of The Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Cane

  PRODUCT REVIEW FOR DDD BACK PAIN       Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Back Massager ✔️More self massage knobs, versatile                   ❌Can break ✔️Fair price, good value                                         ❌Grip could be better ✔️Pointed and...

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid With Low Back Pain That Persists in 2020

If you have low back pain that will not go away, be sure to avoid these all-important top 5 mistakes. These back pain mistakes are based on my 22-year journey and battle against Degenerative Disc Disease along with some intensive research on treating low back pain....

Could This New Disc Repair Technique Work For You? May 2020

 PAIN WISE NEWSLETTER Good day, the IRS has sent over 207 Billion in Coronavirus relief money to the bank accounts of dead people. No comment. NEWS Home Office Is Painful: Chiropractors have seen a rise in clients seeking treatment for neck and back-related pains amid...

Best Guide to Managing Back Pain After Your Outdoor Activity

Key Takeaways Half the battle of living with chronic back pain is adapting, learning, and being smart with your back. A simple and quick low-back care routine when you return home from an outdoor adventure is essential to the long-term health of your back. Check out...

Ultimate Guide to Managing Back Pain During Outdoor Activity in 2020

Key Takeaways Successfully navigating the outdoors with chronic back pain is all about knowing your body, listening to your body, and knowing the environment that you are in.  The major equipment companies manufacture outdoor gear products for the masses and the...
Umbrella Rides The Wind

Umbrella Rides The Wind

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