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Back Pain From Pro Hockey

After attending Miami University in Ohio on a Division One ice hockey scholarship, Terry fulfilled a childhood dream of playing professional ice hockey in Herisau Switzerland.

He injured his L4 and L5 discs in his lower back six weeks before leaving for Europe to try out, which changed his life forever. So we understand the shock and disappointment that you experience as a result of your chronic lower back pain. 

What followed was extreme low back pain and constant spasms, depression, poor quality of life and years of expensive medical treatments. He hasn’t lifted his kids up in his arms or put them on his shoulders  since they were babies.  What has DDD stolen from your life?

Surgery wasnt an option, due to the multiple level disc injury and he was “too young” according to his spine surgeon.  But giving up on a healthy back and the outdoor activities that he loves was not an option either. 

Terry has gone from lying in the back of the room at business meetings to skating, paddleboarding, skiing and living life to the fullest as a happy healthy person with chronic low back pain. 

Which is exactly why we are here.

Our desire is to help you find your way from helpless, confused and in pain to hopeful, healthy and active using the same 3 pillar approach that Terry has been using for over 20 years to reclaim his freedom. 

Terry has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. Earlier in his career he worked as a Private Personal Trainer in Colorado certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association

Currently he resides in the mountains of Colorado with his wife and two daughters.


Back Pain Treatment. Not Easy.

Seeking Degenerative Disc Disease treatment can be one of the most frustrating, hopeless, expensive and time consuming endeavors ever.

When I  started along this frustrating road, I never would have dreamed that I could one day spend hours adventuring up in the mountains with my pain under control and on no medications.

“This low back care system is designed for all of us who desire to lead an active, healthy, life to the fullest .” Terry Ouimet

What’s Your Back Story?

You are in the right place if you need help with your back pain.

We can help you transform your back and mindset from hurting to happy.

Our goal is to inform and empower you with the exact same knowledge, skills and mindset that Terry has used to overcome debilitating low back pain and hopelessness.

“Flaring up my back or inducing a spasm is my biggest concern when I go outdoors and pursue my favorite activities. My back gets uncomfortable with that bone on bone /lack of cushioning feeling real quick due to my disc damage.” Terry Ouimet

As a family we know what its like to try and live an active lifestyle with chronic low back pain.

What outdoor activities could you be enjoying more often, or once again if you you had increased  flexibility, strength, endurance and less low back pain?

It can happen.




Inspired By Mountain Living

We live and work near Montrose Colorado, twenty minutes from 14,000 foot majestic mountains and our family spends all our free time here enjoying activities in all seasons.

If you share our passion for the great outdoors or pursuing your favorite hobby and want less back pain and a positive mindset then we would like to connect with you.

Learn more about our 3 pillar approach to help you develop a strong body, mind and spirit. 

Reclaim what back pain has stolen from you now!

 Be Back Pain Wise


Strong Body. Mind. Spirit.

What would your life look like if back pain didn’t stand in the way ?

Discover the power of our back care system.


Strong Body. Mind. Spirit.





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